The Department of Chemistry has a number of products that have been approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) under the Standards Act (CAP. 496 of the Laws of Kenya). These brands are:


1. Hand Sanitizer - (Brand name: 'Chiro Klenz')

Hand sanitizer
               Hand Sanitizer


 2. Multipurpose Detergent - (Brand name: 'Chiro Klenz')

Multipurpose detergent
            Multipurpose detergent


3. Hand Wash - (Brand name: 'Chiro Klean')

                         Hand wash

More information about the brands can be obtained from the Chairman's Office, Department of Chemistry through

Tel: +254-20-4446138 or Email:


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The Department of Chemistry also has a number of innovations by the Faculty. These include:

1. The Generator Sound Proof Container - An innovation by Dr. Joseph Mwaniki

Generator Sound Proof Container