Career Services

Chemistry programs seek to respond to the goals of Vision 2030 by offering Chemistry knowledge and skills that can be applied in the exploitation natural resources to drive the industrialization process. Opportunities for employment exist in the manufacturing industries, scientific research institution, various government agencies NGO's both local and international. Development of any country relies significantly on the presence of a robust manufacturing sector of which graduated in chemistry play a significant role.

The training also prepares graduates for self employment 

The absorption of graduates into the job market has in the past been low, at less than 10% It’s against this background that the Ministry of Education through the State Department of Post Training and Skills Development launched the Office of Career Services (OCS) in 2019 to take care of students skills development, job placement, linking students with industry, academic advisory services, career testing and assessment, career fairs, venture capital fairs, counseling services, graduate tracking services, high school recruitments, students exchange, apprenticeship services, alumni networking, mentorship services, internship and improving the students life in campus among other services. The goal is to increase graduates absorption in the market from the current less than 10 per cent to over 50 per cent and creating over 1000 start ups in the next five years (2018-2023) by developing the “Future Ready Graduates”

The University of Nairobi is committed to producing holistic graduates who are prepared for the job market and entrepreneurial activities

For more Information please contact;

Office of Career Services University of Nairobi,

Main Campus G8 Office, Mahatma Gandhi Building Ground Floor

P.O Box 30197,00100 Nairobi

Tel:020-491-8121  or +254 716 398 980