Postgraduate Students Profiles

MSc Chemistry

Interests revolve around research and quality control of processes that impact customers.

A certified Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001:2015 auditor, specialized in laboratory Management Systems ISO/IEC 17025 audit, with a keen focus on method validation and uncertainty of measurements.

Undertook project research on pollution level as a result of socio-economic activities around River Sare in Awendo division.

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Area of Specialization: Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry

Research Interest:

  1. Monitoring chemical pollutants, which negatively affect public health and the environment (air, water, soil, and sediment) media
  2. Investigating the efficiency of possible removal/remediation techniques   for the environmental chemical pollutants
  3. Analyzing toxic compounds in food
  4. Developing new analytical methods for the analysis of pollutants in different media.

MSc Analytical Chemistry

COURSE: MSc Analytical Chemistry.

TOPIC OF STUDY: Agricultural Waste to Green Transport Fuel; Catalytic Hydrothermal Reforming of Pyrolysis oil from Bagasse.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Bio-refinery, Bioenergy, Energy & Environment, Catalysis, Chemical Process Analytics/Process Improvement, Food Safety & Quality, Analytical Method Development, Soil Chemistry, Waste Recovery & SugarTechnology.                                                                                                    


Dr. Fredrick Mwazighe

Department of Chemistry

University of Nairobi


Dr. Richard Kimilu

Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

University of Nairobi


Dr. Beth Ndunda

Department of Chemistry

University of Nairobi

MSc Environmental Chemistry

Ms. Rouble holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Omdurman Islamic University. She's now pursuing a Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry.

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Area of specialization:

Environmental Impact analysis and audit

Anaerobic digestion of waste to energy

Waste management via Microbial fuel cells technology

Organic pollutants bio-remediation

Sensors and Arduino application to chemistry techniques


Research Interest:


1. Environmental waste management via green approach and conversion to energy via anaerobic digestion.

2. Conversion of organic waste to electricity using microbial fuel cell technology.

3. Bio-remediation of pesticide residues using anaerobic microbial fuel cells

4. Arduino-based sensor application to real-time monitoring and analytical chemistry techniques.


MSc Chemistry Student

Research Interests:

Development and Application of Analytical Methods for Laboratory Chemistry Environmental Studies.
Development and testing of Analytical Methods for Analysis of Inorganic Chemicals of Industrial Origin.
Computer-controlled Instrumentation and Data Acquisition and Analysis

Jane Macharia is a PhD student at the department of chemistry. She endeavours to use her knowledge in chemical sciences to understand and provide solutions to current and emerging problems. Her research interests are in the field of environmental chemistry, water chemistry, coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry. Currently she is investigating the possibility of transmission of fluoride from mothers to their babies through milk under the supervision of Prof. David K. Kariuki. Consumption of excess fluoride cause negative health effects therefore exposure to infants should be monitored.

Her PhD studies are jointly sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme Kenya, 2018 and the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) through the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) fellowship program. She is a CARTA Cohort 9 fellow.

Area of specialization: PhD in Chemistry

Research interest: Nanochemistry,Sensors and Natural products

Area of Specialization: Analytical Chemistry

Research Interest

Food safety with contaminants like mycotoxins especially aflatoxins in foods and feeds, heavy metals in food, water and food quality.



MSc Industrial Chemistry


Sylvia Kamau holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Nairobi and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry.