Sports and Games

The University through Department of Sports & Games offers recreational and competitive sports for both students and staff. Every year, the University organizes Annual Sports Day where all the Colleges competes for Awards & as part of recreational and skill development, all Chemistry students are encouraged to participate in all the sports programmes offered by this Department.


Services offered at the Department include; Students recreational and competitive sports(indoor and outdoor),staff recreational services and other physical wellness consultancies. The Director's Office is situated behind Hall 3- off State House road. Other Sports and Games sections are located at various University Colleges /Campuses (including Kisumu and Mombasa). The mandate of the Department is to ensure that the students are provided with Sports and Games programmes at both recreational and Competitive levels. In the last couple of years, there has been a remarkable improvement in the UoN teams’ performances at both National, Regional and International championships. Further, the Department intend to maintain and sustain the ‘state – of-the art’ facilities, equipment and kits, and up-to- date Sport programs for both students and the University community.


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Telephone: 020 491 3051