Student Organizations

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Our Vision

To develop and build a disciplined generation which is successful and self-driven.

The mission of PMAK

Reaching out to every youth, finding out their challenges, discuss them, guide, counsel and motivate them to be able to roll over what they face and build a better life from their own knowledge, abilities and resources with success.

Core Values of PMAK

Impartiality – the implying PMAK will respect and serve everyone irrespective of race, gender religion, ethnic, social and economic status.

Goal oriented- PMAK – will help young people become goal oriented and achieve their dreams

Commitment – PMAK is committed to achieve its objective and vision

Productivity – PMAK will enhance organizational performance and deliver results

Integrity- we endeavor to abide by our constitution and policies of the org and observe other policies of other organization and societies.

Team spirit – to create a team work spirit with the organization and stake holders

Our core Activities

  • Mentorship –Career mentoring, Individual mentoring, Parenting programs/mentoring, Hostel/Custodian mentoring
  • Counselling and guidance
  • Training in career, businesses, innovation, technology etc.
  • Building talents
  • Sourcing sponsorship for needy students and youths with justification
  • Running programs on television and Radio stations in order to access every youth

Objectives of PMAK

  • To help in quenching the increasing rate of unemployment.
  • To help students in their performance and utilization of knowledge acquired.
  • To increase the attention and effect of information to the young minds.
  • Holistically mold the upcoming leaders to serve their generation and beyond
  • To develop good relations between children, parents, teachers, the society and the government.
  • To empower young people with life skills which will help them actualize in life
  • To train the young to know the values of our Country and how to apply them.



University of Nairobi Chemistry Students Association

From 2021 to date, the University of Nairobi Industrial Chemistry Student Association (UNICSA) changed to the University of Nairobi Chemistry Student Association (UNCSA) by accommodating interested chemistry students from the Kenya Science Campus. It has subsequently increased its current membership to 200.


UNCSA is mandated to harness members’ full potential through involvement in industrial activities that enhance academic excellence. This is by organizing frequent forums and exchange programs, capacity building through internships, and attachments. This is aimed at equipping members with diverse knowledge in all aspects of their professional practice, guided by the motto “creativity is the crest of science”.

For further information contact the Chairman department of chemistry: