Student Activities


The Natural Product Research Lab is run and managed by a group of competent staff with a wealth of experience. The group constitute of two Professors, one Associate Professor, three Senior Lecturers and one Lecturer . The group also has the high number of postgraduate students (both MSc and PhD) within the college, including international students from Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Cameroon, South Sudan. The group has direct access to Chromatographic (HPLC, MPLC, Chromatotron) and Spectroscopic (IR, UV, NMR, MPLC, NMR (60 MHz, 400 MHz) instruments. High field NMR and MS analyses are done through international collaboration (Figure 1). Bench-top bioassay is conducted by members of the group while specialised biological tests of crude extracts and pure compounds are done through national and international partnerships.  Particularly the antiplasmodial collaboration with the Walter Reed Project, US-Army, based in Kenya, has been the most productive. Plant collections and authentication is done through partnership with the taxonomists based at the Herbarium, School of Biological Sciences, University of Nairobi. In addition to the academic atmosphere, the social association within the group has made an additional reason in making our group attractive to postgraduate students. The Natural Product Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa (NAPRECA) has its coordination office in this Department.


Members of staff of the Natural Products Research Lab

1. Jacob Midiwo-

Prof. Midiwo is a professor of of Organic Chemistry with special research interest Natural Products Chemistry

2. Professor Abiy Yenesew-

Abiy Yenesew is a professor of Organic Chemistry with special research interest Natural Products Chemistry

3. Prof. Leonidah Kerubo-

An Associate professor of Organic Chemistry with special research interest in Microbial and Plants Natural Products Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Biopesticides Chromatography Drug Discovery

4. Dr. Solomon Derese

Dr Derese is Senior Lecturer of Organic Chemistry with special research interest in Natural Products Chemistry, Computer Aided Drug Design.

5. Dr, Albert Ndakala-

Dr Ndakala is a Senior Lecturer of Organic Chemistry with special research interest in Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery

6. Dr John Wanjohi-

Dr, Wanjohi is a Lecturer of Organic Chemistry with a research interest in Natural products

7. Dr. Beth Ndunda-

Dr. Ndunda is a Lecturer of Organic Chemistry with a research interest in Natural products


Research Area

The overall research objective of the group is to identify, extracts and pure compounds towards the control of some neglected tropical diseases. Over the last 30 years, members of the group have isolated and characterized over hundred novel natural products from medicinal plants some of which have showed significant activities against parasitic and microorganism diseases of the tropics. The main focus will be on discovery of anti-malarial compounds and herbal preparations. All the  anti-malarial drugs in the market have experienced resistance by the microorganism, even the most recent and much heralded artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs) which are currently the first line treatment for the disease in many parts of the tropical region, have faced this set back. Testing of extracts and compounds for the other causative agents for tropical diseases – Leshmania, pathogenic bacteria and fungi will also be undertaken. The group is highly productive as demonstrated by the number of publications originating from the group and the number of PhD and MSc graduates from the group.



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MSc students research projects in progress

1. Purity Jael Ochieng(Kenyan)

Title: Phytochemical Investigation of Crotalaria incana for Antileishmanial Principles Co-supervisor: Dr. Albert Ndakala.


2. Kamya Vicent (Ugandan)

Title: Phytochemical Investigation of Pentas parvifolia for Leishmanicidal Principles. (In Progress).


3. Ronoh Kipkorir Devin

Title: Phytochemical Investigation ff Solanum incanum  l. (Solanaceae) for Antimicrobial Principles and Formulation of Oral Mouthwash (In Progress).


PhD students in progress

1. Mr Ivan Kiganda (Ugandan)

Title: Phytocheical Investigation of Alstonia species for Anticancer Principles (Writting his proposal.


2. Mr Jackson Matundura Obegi (Kenyan)

Title: Characterization of Antiprotozoal Principles from Suregada zanzibariensis, S.  procera and Terminalia prunioides from Kenya (In progress).


3. Ms Kasima Everlyne (Kenyan)

Title: Use of Molecular Modelling and Experimental Techniques to Probe Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) of Budmunchiamine Structed Analogues as Probable Anti-Malarials (In progress).


4. Ms Chepkirui Carolyne (Kenyan)

Title: Phytochemical investigation of selected plants from the families Moraceae and Fabaceae.