Environmental Conservation Activities

                                  Tree Planting Exercise, Chiromo Campus, University of Nairobi.

                             Acting Principal, Faculty of Science & Technology, staff & students during the tree planting exercise

The Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Nairobi in partnership with Equity Bank and Kenya Forest Service held a tree planting exercise at Chiromo Campus near Chiromo River on 18th April, 2021. Equity bank  donated 400 seedlings both indigenous and exotic seedlings to Chiromo campus and 7000 seedlings in total across all the University of Nairobi Colleges.

The acting Executive Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology, in his speech highlighted the importance of this exercise and  promised to continue partnering with the stakeholders including Equity Bank  who is a major stakeholder, Kenya Forest Service and other organizations in order to realized the Government of Kenya target of planting 2billion trees over 3year period to achieve a 10% of the forest cover. In this exercise  Equity bank is targeting to plant 35 million trees in the same period.

Equity Bank branch manager, Westlands branch  Miss Charity in her speech promised to donate 2000 more seedlings to Chiromo campus in the coming week to take advantage of the heavy rains the country is experiencing now.She urged the University of Nairobi to lead as an example by planting as many trees as possible in order to combat global warming. Equity Bank is targeting to plant 35 million trees

Globally tree planting cut across the three (3) Sustainable Development Goals(SDGS) including SDG goal 13 which calls upon all of us to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.


The organizations were grateful to the University of Nairobi for involving them in its environmental sustainability activities and promised to continue with the partnership. The College is planning to approach more organizations that are interested in environmental conservation and protect.

                                 Chemistry staff planting trees during tree planting exercise



                                       Peer Mentors club planting a tree in a school in Kitui County

Peer mentors club is one of the students' organization in the School of Physical Sciences. Some of their activities includes;

  • Environmental conservation
  • Mentorship –Career mentoring, Individual mentoring, Parenting programs/mentoring, Hostel/Custodian mentoring
  • Counselling and guidance
  • Training in career, businesses, innovation, technology etc.
  • Building talents
  • Sourcing sponsorship for needy students and youths with justification
  • Running programs on television and Radio stations in order to access every youth

Due to the effect of Covid-19 pandemic their activities were scaled down and they only managed to visit one school in Kitui county to mentor students and plant trees in the school compound.

                                                                              Tree planting Exercise