Physical Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry



Physical chemistry



The Physical & Industrial  chemistry thematic section at the Department of Chemistry, University of Nairobi comprises the following 13 members:

  1. Dr. Damaris Mbui- (Thematic Head)
  2. Prof. Jacob Kithinji
  3. Prof. Duke Orata
  4. Prof. Hellen Njenga
  5. Dr. Deborah Abong'o
  6. Dr. Immaculate Michira
  7. Dr. Peterson Guto
  8. Dr. John Wabomba
  9. Dr. Patrick Tum
  10. Dr. Marina Mukabi
  11. Dr. John Onyatta
  12. Dr. Boniface Njomo
  13. Dr. Fredrick M. Mwazighe


All members of the Physical and Industrial Chemistry section are PhD holders and teach courses in mainstream Physical & Industrial chemistry and conduct research.

Due to the extensive expertise among the members of the section, they attract postgraduate students for research supervision from the East and Central African region and West Africa.