A Project on the Study Physico-Chemical Properties of Borehole Water in Syokimau, Nairobi County

There are health risks associated with ground water. These are brought about by urbanization, industrialization and human activity. For water to be considered safe enough for consumption it should show low risk of short term or long term effects. The main sources of contamination of ground water may include; organic and inorganic pollutants, sewage, heavy metals and fluorides.

 The study involves the analysis of physico-chemical parameters of borehole from selected boreholes in Syokimau, Nairobi County. The samples were taken from three boreholes namely: Syokimart, Exotic and Kalembe. The samples taken were analyzed for: pH, alkalinity, TDS, total hardness, Fluorides, sulphates, nitrates and electrical conductivity.

The results obtained were then compared to the quality standards for sources of domestic water by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and the World Health Organization (WHO). Some samples were found to have higher concentrations of some parameters and thus not safe for consumption.

Thus it is recommended to treat boreholes with pollution levels beyond the KEBS and WHO limits. The survey of borehole sites must be done before the drilling to prevent areas of potential hazard to groundwater.

Keywords: physico-chemical parameters, water contamination

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