Production and Analysis of Fruit Wines by Fermentation

The project involved the making of fruit wines through the process of fermentation. Three different types of fruits were used; Grapes, Apples and Pineapples. The fruits were fermented in sugar and yeast. 400g of sugar and 8g of yeast gave the highest experimental yield with pineapples having the highest followed by grapes then apples. After fermentation, fractional distillation was carried out on each of the fruit samples and the products analyzed. The following analyses were carried out;

Preliminary test

i.)Burning test

All the samples tested positive i.e. they burned with a blue flame.

Infrared spectroscopy (IR) showed the presence of the OH functional group of alcohols at 3500cm-1 -3200 cm-1. Presence of the C-O group was also observed. Thin Layer Chromatography with a solvent system of n-butanol, deionized water and acetic acid in the ratio 3:5:1 was carried out and the Rf values were calculated for each sample. Acid value and specific density of the samples were also determined. The results obtained from the above analyses of the fruit samples showed that the values conformed to those of wine in the market and this therefore led to the conclusion that the above farm fruits can also be used in the production of wine.

Keywords: wine and fermentation.

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