Formulation of a Long Life Echting Additive to Improve Aluminium Anodizing Process

Aluminium and its alloys is highly used in the current building and construction industry as a favorite material. This project is aimed at cracking down the available long life etching additive to determine its physical and chemical composition and with the available knowledge formulate a local product of the same purpose and relatively similar composition. Qualitative and quantitative analysis were carried out on the long life etching additive based on the available knowledge of surface treatment. The long life etching additive is a brown viscous liquid with a pH of 11.47 at 23 degrees celcius, viscosity-0.19 centistokes, density-1.22 g/cm3, conductivity 34.6 milliSiemens/cm; it was found to contain 63.19%  water content, 297.43 g/l sodium metal, 12.90 g/l potassium, 0.6 g/l carbonates, 9.55 g/l bicarbonates, 0.07 g/l phosphates,131.47 mg/l sulphide, sorbitol and also sodium gluconate.

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