Assessment of Industrial Effluents in Selected Industrial Sites in Industrial Area, Nairobi

Industrial activities contribute a lot of toxic wastes to the environment. This study was carried out to verify whether these industries treat their effluents to National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) permissible standards before discharge.

Various types of wastes from four different industrial sites namely A,B,C and D  in industrial area ,Nairobi were studied to ascertain their environmental effects and prepare a suggestion for their management.physico-chemical parameters of pH, colour,temperature,COD,TSS,TDS,and oil and grease were analyzed a and results compared with NEMA standards. The pH values were: 7.46,7.42,7.72 and 8.73.The colour values were 44,41,32,26 Hazen units; Temperature were recorded as:27.7◦C,22◦C,26◦C,and 20.3◦C; COD values were 44.45mg/L,96.304mg/L,29.632mg/L and 22.224mg/L. The TSS values were:26.19mg/L,25mg/L,25.17mg/L,and 26.37mg/L while TDS values were:1201.3,1225.3,1080.7 and 1084.7mg/L.besides ,oil and grease were:12.52mg/L,5.716mg/L,9.682mg/L and 12.264mg/L.

The results indicated that the pH values showed conformity with NEMA standards except for sample D.The colour of samples were all above 15 Hazen units –the permissible standards. Temperatures of the samples were within the maximum allowable levels of NEMA, while samples A and B showed COD values above NEMA standards. Again, samples A and B indicated TDS values above permissible levels.TSS values were all within the permissible levels while samples A and D showed oil and grease values above the NEMA permissible levels. Industries should discharge their effluents only after proper treatment.

Keywords:  Industrial Effluents, Physico- Chemical  Parameters, Proper Treatment

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