Determination of Fluoride Content and Other Physiochemical Parameters of Water from Selected Boreholes in Machakos County





Borehole water is known to contain fluoride. Fluoride levels of above 1.5mg/l(guidelines by WHO) causes a health problem such as dental and bone fluorosis. A systematic study was carried out to determine the fluoride content and the physiochemical properties of  water from selected boreholes in Machakos county . The samples were taken from three boreholes: Kari Katumani, Matembei and Machakos boys. The samples taken were analyzed for physiochemical parameters such as chlorides , nitrates ,sulfates and fluoride by photometric methods TSS, TDS, total alkalinity, total hardness, and PH were also measured. The results obtained were as follows: PH;Kari(7.6),Matembei(8.1),Machakosboys(6.5); CHLORIDE(mg/l);Kari(128),Matembei(196), Machakos boys(108); NITRATE(mg/l);Kari(29),Matembei(12.3), Machakos boys(13.8); SULPHATE()mg/l; Kari(133), Matembei(138), Machakos boys(129);TSS(mg/l); Kari(80), Matembei(140), Machakos boys(150);TDS(mg/l); Kari(502), Matembei(595), Machakos boys(496);TOTAL ALKALINITY(mg/l); Kari(296), Matembei(248), Machakos boys(193.2); TOTAL HARDNESS(mg/l); Kari(374.6), Matembei(205.12), Machakos boys(243.41) ; FLUORIDE(mg/l); Kari(1.45), Matembei(5.0), Machakos boys(1.45).Matembei borehole was found to have  high fluoride content of 5.0mg/l which is much higher than the recommended limit of 1.5mg/l. Nitrate was found to be higher than 10mg/l  in all the samples.





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