Career opportunities

Analytical Chemistry

Graduates of analytical chemistry can find employment in government departments, parastatals, quality control laboratories, research and development,  production,   pharmaceutical industry, water purification industry, wastewater management industry, forensic science, process design and product development, instrumental design industry, cement industry, tanning industry, fertilizer industry, plastics industry, consumer industry, textile industry, dyes and paints industry, , glass industry, pulp and paper industry  just to name a few.

Inorganic chemistry

Graduates find employment in the following areas: government departments, parastatals, research and development institutes, chemical process design, production, quality control, pharmaceuticals, process industry, fertilizer production, plastics industry, pulp and paper industry, tanning industry, consumer products industry, textile industry, dyes industry, cosmetics industry, forensic science, glass industry, cement industry, paints industry, metallurgy, water purification industry, water quality analyst, wastewater treatment industry just to name a few.

Environmental chemistry

Graduates find employment in various government departments, parastatals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and intergovernmental bodies involved in environmental management, research and development. In industry, opportunities exist in product marketing, process control, quality assurance, product design, wastewater management, risk assessment in various industries (eg construction, aviation, tanning, textile, cement, paints), forensic science, water and wastewater purification, toxicology, oceanography,  just to name a few.