Degradation Studies of D-phenothrin under Different Environmental Conditions




Pesticide industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Kenya and over the world. This is due the central role played by pesticides to support economic management of agricultural production, as well as protection of public health. Formulation sector is one of the biggest branches of pesticide industry, and is directly in charge of bulky production of pest control products. The main purpose of pesticide formulation is to manufacture a product that has optimum biological efficiency, is convenient to use, and minimizes environmental impacts. The active ingredients are mixed with solvents, adjuvants (boosters), and fillers as necessary to achieve the desired formulation. Therefore, certification for the commercialization of the products requires characterization data of the chemical and physical properties of the formulations.


This study investigated the stability of d-phenothrin under different environmental conditions: accelerated stability (54 C), cold stability (4 C) and ambient temperature stability using degradation model.


Approved protocol by CIPAC was used to evaluate the results of the formulated product. The results of the evaluations conducted are discussed in details in the publication.

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