Kenya’s Bottled Water Industry






Four different classes of bottled water including drinking, mineral, carbonated and flavored water marketed in Kenya were investigated. Coca-Cola sabco located in Embakasi manufactures Dasani drinking water, SABMiller Company located in Molo for Keringet mineral and carbonated water and Aquamist Limited located past Kikuyu manufactures, Aquamist  mineral, carbonated and flavoured water. Coca-Cola sabco and Aquamist use reverse osmosis while SABMiller Company uses filtration.


We also conducted some research in various retailers and supermarkets and found out that Keringet followed by Dasani are the most demanded brands of water. Water analysis was carried out on the brands for pH, total dissolved solids TDS, chlorides, potassium, sodium, calcium, fluorides, sulphates and iron and counter checked our results with theirs on the bottle label. Ultra-violet spectroscopic methods were used to carry the above analysis.


Keringet mineral water had the following results from the laboratory Na+ 54, SO4 28.8, Cl- 114.6,K+ 10, F- 2.05, Ca2+ 0.4, Mg2+ 0, Fe2+ 0,TDS 23.6 and pH 6.4 On the label of the bottle the values were Na+ 25.26, SO0.4, Cl- 36.16,K+ 1.24, F- 0.79, Ca2+ 7.67, Mg2+ 0.09, Fe2+ 0,TDS 189 and pH 6.68. The results from the lab and on the label though different complied with standard KS 05-459. For Dasani the values were, Cl44, SO4 13.7, Na+ 10, K+ 13, Mg2+ 9.3 On the label of the bottle the values were Cl5, SO4 12, Na+ 10, K+ 3, and Mg2+ 3. The results comply with KEBS standards.


Marketing in the water industry is mostly done through advertising in the media, press, pamphlets and billboards. Aquamist which uses discounted pricing by selling 330ml bottled water at the same price as they would have sold 300 ml and 600 ml water as they would have sold 500ml hence having an upper hand in the market share.

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