Website and Newsletter


  1. Dr. Solomon Derese - Chair
  2. Dr. J. M. Mwaniki - Deputy
  3. Prof J.P.  Kithinji
  4. Dr. Njagi Njomo        
  5. Mr. C. Mirikau
  6. Ms. Immaculate Odero 
  7. Mr B. Rop
  8. Ms. Doreen Alusa
  9. Ms. Alice Ndekei
  10. Mr. W. Orangi 
  11. Mr. D. Okumu
  12. Mr S. Shilamala
  13. Mr. Stephen Katembu



  • Populating the departmental web with information touching on all areas (academic, outreach, seminars, meetings, conferences, publications etc)
  • To capture all activities taking place in the department over a period of time. The Newsletter is then compiled in both print and electronic form (website).