Procurement, Equipment & Maintenance (NMR, GC-MS, etc)


  1. Mr. Charles Mirikau  - Chair
  2. Prof. Abiy Yenesew  - Deputy
  3. Ms. Anne Muia
  4. Prinipal Technologist
  5. Dr. Beth Ndunda
  6. Prof. S. O. Wandiga  
  7. Prof. G. N. Kamau     
  8. Prof. J. Kithinji
  9. Prof. D.K Kariuki
  10. Dr. Erick Korir
  11. Dr E. Michira
  12. Dr B Wamalwa
  13. Dr J.N. Wabomba
  14. Prof  A Yusuf
  15. Ms R. Mutungi
  16. Ms F. Wainaina
  17. Ms V. Muinde
  18. Dr Vincent Madadi
  19. Dr Damaris Mbui
  20. Dr Fariddah Were 
  21. Mr E. Mwangi
  22. Ms E. Kamau
  23. Dr Solomon Derese 



  • Supervise procurement plan preparation, buying, inspection and receipt of the goods into the departmental store.
  • Establishment of Evaluation Committee to deal with technical and financial aspects of procurement as per guidelines of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal (PPAD) Act 2015. The Guidelines for Evaluation will be provided to Evaluation Sub-Committee.
  • Equipment requirements in the Department and strategy (5 year strategic Plan) for acquisition and donations from various partners.
  • Establishment of Central Laboratory Facility in the Department for use by all staff and Consultancies.
  • To put in place organizational structure. Lab usage policy and charges for various users (in consultation with Income Generation Committee), as well as equipment maintenance to ensure sustainability in service provision.