Registration & Examinations


  1. Dr. John Wanjohi -Chair

  2. Mr. Charles Mirikau -Deputy

  3. Dr. Marina Mukabi

  4. Prof. J. O. Midiwo - Advisor

  5.  Dr. Beth Ndunda

  6. Ms. Doreen Alusa

  7. Ms. Rachel Njogu

  8. Mr. Fredrick Mwazighe

  9. Dr. J. Kithure

  10. Mr. Patrick Tum

  11. Dr. Ruth Odhiambo



  • Deals with registration of new students, administration of examinations from drafts to forwarding of marks to Dean, SPS.
  • Procedures for receiving and Processing Draft Examinations and Marking Schemes in the Department and forwarding to External Examiners and Examination Centre.
  • Coordination of transport, hotel accommodation and payments for External Examiners.
  • Examination Invigilation lists and Cross-checking of marked scripts.